Hardship Letter Examples

   Hardship Letter Abandonment

I am writing this letter to request the short sale of my {building type}. In order to meet my mortgage payments, I require the rent from {number} tenants. However, due to the {location/condition of the property/etc.}, the property has been abandoned.

I currently charge {amount} for rent per person, and I have invested {amount} into property repairs. I have also {additional steps to save money}. However, due to {property damage/housing crisis/etc.}, my tenants have abandoned the property and I no longer have a steady stream of income.

Soon, I will no longer be able to meet the loan requirements and will have to file for bankruptcy. I am hoping to circumvent that chance with a short sale of the property as soon as possible.

Attached are the necessary documents outlining the property value, damage, repairs, and upkeep costs. I am grateful for your assistance in this matter.

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