Hardship Letter Examples

   Grade Appeal Letter

{Phone #}


Dear {professor}:

I respectfully wish to appeal my grade in {course number, name, and period}. While I understand that {factors} led to a grade of {grade}, I believe a grade of {grade} would be appropriate.

Even a grade of {grade} would make sense to me, given my shortcomings this semester. However, it seems the grade I received doesn't reflect my work in your class.

Can you please check to see if {all my test scores were entered/there was some clerical error}. I am honestly confused, especially after consulting the syllabus. My records indicate that {my attendance was within policy/I met project deadlines}.

This has been an incredible learning experience for me. Had I not {skipped class/failed to participate/studied harder/scored higher on tests}, I would have earned a higher grade at the outset and this would not be an issue.

I would be happy to {retake tests/do extra work} to demonstrate my commitment to understanding what you've taught us in this course.

I realize that this isn't relevant to my work in your class, but I also wanted to make you aware that if my grade stands as {grade}, I {will not graduate on time/will lose my scholarship/will get kicked off sports team}.

Thank you for your consideration.


{Sender Name}

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