Hardship Letter Examples

   Fraternity Housing Contract Release

Dear {House board president/VP of finance/chapter adviser}:

I am writing to clear up a situation related to fraternity housing in the coming academic year. I received a letter informing me that I am being held to the terms of the housing contract and that I must pay rent for the entire term of the lease even though I won’t be living in the house.

{Time period} after signing the contract {when}, I left the fraternity due to {reasons}. The housing contract states that residents must be a member of {Fraternity Name} fraternity in “good standing.” In fact, I am not a member at all.

Being held to the terms of the contract would create an extreme hardship for myself and my family. I have already secured other living arrangements and cannot afford to pay rent in two places.

Please confirm that the contract is now void and you understand that I am released from any obligation. If I do not hear back within {time period}, I will escalate the issue to the fraternity’s national chapter as well as the university Panhellenic Council and its Office of Student Affairs.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.



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