Hardship Letter Examples

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Dear {College/University Financial Aid Office}:

I am writing to request {reconsideration/extension/reduction} of fees and tuition for our child, {Name}. Our financial situation has become grave due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and {Name} will have to drop out if we don't receive additional {grants/loans/consideration}.

The income reflected in our prior FAFSA is no longer accurate or relevant. My spouse and I {both lost our jobs/were furloughed/etc.}. As parents, we want to be able to support our child's education, but it just isn't possible at this time. All of our limited income from {unemployment/FMLA/etc.} is going toward basic needs such as shelter, utilities, and food.

Our child is devastated at this turn of events that was entirely out of our control. I've attached financial documentation as well as a letter from my former employer confirming the situation. Please let me know if there is anything else you need to see from us. Thank you very much for your help with this.


{Sender Name}

Enclosures: {financial documents; letter from former employer}

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