Hardship Letter Examples

   Financial Aid Hardship FAFSA Appeal

Dear {College/University Financial Aid Office}:

In the time since I completed the FAFSA for our child, {Name}, our financial situation has changed drastically and the submission no longer accurately reflects our family income or our ability to contribute to our child's education.

During the coronavirus pandemic, our family has experienced extreme hardship due to {illness/death/job loss/relocation}. Our income has gone from {amount} to {amount}, with {little/no} chance of increasing. Additionally, {circumstance}. Without additional financial aid, our child won't be able to {begin/continue} their education.

I have attached the required appeal form and hope that the included documentation sheds light on our dramatically different financial circumstances. Thank you very much for your consideration. {Name} has their heart set on furthering their education at {College/University Name}.


{Sender Name}

Enclosures: {appeal form}

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