Hardship Letter Examples

   Extreme Hardship Letter Immigration

{Phone #}


Dear {judge/agency}:

As {relationship to detainee}, I am writing to urge special consideration of {name}. Due to extreme hardship, it is imperative that {he/she} be allowed to enter the United States.

A month ago, {name} traveled to {country} for the purpose of {attending a funeral/a student exchange program/vacation}. However, upon returning to the U.S., {he/she} was detained due to {reason}.

{Name} is a {respected professor/law-abiding resident} in addition to being the primary source of income for the family. {Describe family members} not only depend on {name's} wages; they love {name}. If {he/she} is forced to return to {country}, joining {him/her} would be an unbearable expense, not to mention the fact that they have no connection to {country} and do not speak its language.

Additionally, {dependent family member} has {medical condition}, and there are few options for treatment in {country}.

Please consider this extreme hardship and let {name} return home to {his/her} country, the United States of America, and his loved ones.


{Sender Name}

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