Hardship Letter Examples

   Emotional Support Animal College Request

Dear {college housing department}:

I am writing to advocate for {Student Name}’s need for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) while living in the college residence halls. I am {Student Name}’s longtime personal {physician/therapist} and I am very familiar with their needs.

{Student Name} lives with {anxiety/depression/PTSD/personality disorder/ADHD/etc.} and benefits greatly from the presence of their {animal} in their life.

I am confident that {Student Name} is equipped to properly care for this animal in the dorms, and both they and their parents assure me that {Animal Name} is fully vaccinated, low-maintenance, and unlikely to be disruptive to roommates or suitemates.

I urge you to approve the presence of this ESA in the interest of {Student Name}’s mental health and overall college success. As I’m know you are aware, such an accommodation is a right under the U.S. Department of Housing’s Fair Housing rules. {Student Name} has reviewed the campus’ ESA policies and will comply with all of them.


{Doctor or Therapist Name}

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