Hardship Letter Examples

   Donation Hardship Letter

Dear {potential donor}:

It is with great humility that I reach out to you at this time. You have been an extremely generous donor to {nonprofit} in the past, and it had been the goal of our {board/president/membership} to diversify our donor pool and ease our reliance on your kindness so that the funds you provide could be dispersed among other deserving charities in our community.

Unfortunately, we are facing an unexpected hardship in the form of {emergency expense/embezzlement/influx of needs/etc.}. We are simply at the end of our rope and cannot imagine any way to stay afloat without your help.

I would personally like to request a donation of {amount}. I assure you it will be well-spent and indeed will save the organization altogether. In fact, the board of directors would like to {name something after you/present you with an award}.

Thank you as always for your continued support and dedication to the cause of {charity}.

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