Hardship Letter Examples

   Credit Repair Pay To Delete Letter

Dear {creditor or collection agency}:

I am writing in regard to account {number}.

I’d like to propose that I pay this account in full, immediately, and in return your company will have all negative information removed from my credit report.

I do not accept responsibility for ownership of this debt. However, this negative information on my credit report is impacting my ability to {get a job/buy a house/secure a loan/etc.}. I am willing to compromise.

I would need you to agree to not list the debt as a paid collection or settled account, but rather “paid in full.” All references to this account must be removed from the credit reporting agencies.

This is not a promise to pay. If you agree to the terms of this settlement within 14 days, I will be able to make payment in full of {amount} via {payment method} within 48 hours.



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