Hardship Letter Examples

   Credit Freeze Letter Of Hardship



Dear {Name}:

I am writing to request that you place a security freeze on my credit line. I would also like to request that you waive the {dollar amount} transaction fee. I would not have chosen to freeze my credit if my personal information had not been compromised by hackers. As the fault in the breach lies with the company rather than me, I believe that I should be permitted to freeze my account without further hardship.

My name is {Your Name}.

My current address is {Your Address}. I have lived at this address for the last {number} years. My prior address was {prior address}.

My phone number is {Your Phone Number}.

My Social Security Number (SSN) is {Social Security Number}.

Enclosed is a copy of my driver's license as proof of my identity, along with a message from {credit bureau name} verifying that I was a victim of the breach. Thank you.


{Sender Name}

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