Hardship Letter Examples

   Copyright Permissions Denied

{Your Name}
{Your Address}
{Your Phone #}


Dear {Representative Name}:

On {date}, I requested permission to reuse lyrics from "{Song Title}" by {Artist} in my short story, "{Title}." I was denied based on the grounds that the lyrics were too prominent within the story's central arc and that too much of the song was used. I would like to appeal this decision, as I have significantly modified my request.

At this time, I have reworked my story so that I would only be using the following lyrics: {lyrics}. These lyrics would only appear {number} times throughout the piece. I would be happy to pay the permissions fee associated with my use of these lyrics in this fashion.

I have attached a copy of my story so that you can see the ways in which I have accommodated your concerns. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to let me know if there's an arrangement that we can make.

Thank you,

{Sender Name}

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