Hardship Letter Examples

   College Waitlist Letter

{Phone #}


Dear {admissions representative}:

I am writing to reiterate my strong interest in attending {university name}. In the {weeks/months} since I received the notice that I'm on the waitlist, my desire to become a proud member of the {university name} family has only grown. I know it's a reach, but this is truly my dream school.

In the time since submitting my application, I have {list new achievements, awards, etc}. Additionally, I {retook a test/participated in extracurricular activity/volunteered with program}. I also {secured an internship/boosted my qualifications}.

My recent visits to the {university name} campus have reconfirmed the fact that this is my first-choice school.

I'm pleased that my application wasn't rejected but disappointed to be on the waitlist. I hold out hope that I will ultimately be able to attend this amazing institution.


{Sender Name}

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