Hardship Letter Examples

   College Letter Of Enthusiasm

Dear {college admissions office}:

While I was disappointed to be deferred from {Early Decision/Early Action} admission to {University Name}, I welcome the opportunity to elaborate on my enthusiasm and add additional context to my application. This is my first-choice college, and if admitted I would definitely attend.

When I visited campus on {date}, I was struck by {anecdote that illustrates enthusiasm and good fit}. I especially loved {feature}.

In the {time period} since I applied, I have {additional achievements, awards, test scores, or activities}. I also {interned/volunteered/etc.}.

I am confident that I am good fit for {University Name} due to {reasons}.

{University Name} is my dream school. Thank you so much for the opportunity to reaffirm that this is the place for me. I look forward to you reevaluating my materials.



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