Hardship Letter Examples

   College Hardship Accommodation Request Allergies

Dear {college resident life office}:

I am very much looking forward to attending {College Name} as a freshman this fall. I’ve filled out my housing forms but wanted to reach out regarding some personal health issues that will affect my dorm living situation as well as dining on campus.

I am living with a severe allergy to {allergy}. If I am exposed to it, I {reaction}. Therefore, it is critical that I {don’t have mold in my dorm/am not served shellfish/have a single room/etc.}.

I have attached a letter from my doctor explaining the severity of my allergy. I would be happy to meet with representatives from housing and/or food services if more clarity is needed. My doctor is also available by phone or Zoom to add any necessary insights.

I believe that I will be able to thrive on campus if the following accommodations are met: {accommodations}.

Thank you for your consideration.



Attachment: letter from doctor

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