Hardship Letter Examples

   College Deposit Extension Request

Dear {college admissions office}:

I am so excited to be attending {College Name} in the fall. My family never imagined that my dream school could become a reality. I understand that the next step is to submit my statement of intent to enroll, along with the {amount} tuition deposit, by {date}. However, I would like to respectfully request an extension until {date}.

My family is currently {describe financial situation}. I have been {working full time/trying to cash out bonds/appealing financial aid/pursuing scholarships/etc.} and expect to have the full enrollment amount by {date}. Would that be acceptable?

Alternatively, I could make payments of {amount} over the course of {time period}.

I was able to pay the housing deposit separately on {date}. I am truly committed to attending {College Name}, and will be able to pay tuition and fees on an ongoing basis thanks to {529 Plan/scholarships/loans/etc.}. It is just the tuition deposit that is causing an issue right now.

Thank you very much for any flexibility you can offer.



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