Hardship Letter Examples

   College Admissions Appeal Letter

{Phone #}


Dear {admissions representative}:

I was so disappointed to receive the letter rejecting my transfer application. While I respect the university's decision, I'd like to urge you to reconsider.

I understand that there is a lot of competition to get into {university name}. I'm also aware that my {grades/extracurricular activities/etc.} are not at the level of the most highly qualified students admitted. I'm hoping to add insight to my situation.

{University name} has been my first choice since I was in middle school. I admire everything from the school's values to its sports team. Go {team mascot}!

Upon my graduation from high school, economic necessity and an urgent {personal/family matter} dictated that I attend the local community college. I've appreciated the opportunity and education I've received from {college name}. While my GPA may not at first glance seem to reflect it, I actually excelled in the classes that most interested me: {classes}. I also learned, later than I should have, to apply myself in every class, not just those I most enjoyed. Comparing my first semester's grades to those just before completion of my Associate's degree illustrates that growth.

Another factor is that {test scores were omitted from my application/my GPA was misreported due to clerical error/I retook the SATs and scored higher/I received a major award}.

I strongly believe that I would be a good fit in the {university name} community. My personal situation has been resolved, I am in a better financial position, and I am able to make my education my first priority.

Please reconsider. I am poised and ready to enter {university name} at the earliest semester allowed. Thank you.


{Sender Name}

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