Hardship Letter Examples

   Child Support Loss Hardship Letter

{Phone #}


Dear {landlord}:

I am so sorry to be late with the rent again. You have been so understanding in the past. Unfortunately, my hardship has not abated.

When I signed the lease {when}, it was in good faith with the expectation that my ex-husband would pay court-ordered child support in the amount of {amount}. Instead, payments were sporadic and tapered off before stopping altogether {when}. (I have attached a printout showing the payment gaps.)

I am in touch with the District Attorney's Office regarding pursuit of these payments and I'm confident that through this process the funds will be secured and I will be able to pay rent without delay.

I have enclosed a check for {amount}, which I know falls short of what I owe. I'm receiving a paycheck from my job on {date} and can make good on the remainder at that time. I'm also hoping that you can see your way clear to waive the late fee.

Thank you so much for your patience. My children and I love this property and feel that we have made the house a home. We would be devastated if we had to move.


{Sender Name}

Enclosure: child support payment history

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