Hardship Letter Examples

   Car Repossession Appeal Letter

Dear {creditor}:

My vehicle, VIN {number}, was repossessed on {date}. I was experiencing extreme hardship at the time but am now in a position to seek redemption or reinstatement as allowed under {State} law.

I {am/am not} able to pay the full balance due, in addition to costs and fees. I would prefer to reinstate my original loan by bringing my payments current.

I’ve attached my loan agreement and billing statements. I’ve calculated that a payment of {amount} would be due upon agreement.

Please let me know if I am able to reinstate my loan and have the vehicle returned. If not, I would like {time period} to secure assistance to elect right of redemption. Please confirm the amount, including any storage or other fees assessed, at your earliest convenience. I would like to know all my options and any relevant deadlines.

I am eager to regain possession of my car, as I need it to get to {school/work}.

Thank you for your consideration.



enclosures: loan agreement and billing statements

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