Hardship Letter Examples

   Bank Overdraft Fee Forgiveness Request Letter

Dear {bank official}:

As a loyal and reliable {Bank Name} customer of {number} years, I am writing to respectfully request that {number} overdraft fees totaling {amount} be waived.

I was shocked to see that my account was overdrawn and that these fees had been applied. I was {dealing with personal crisis/lost track of deposits/had a bounced paycheck/was traveling for business/etc.}. I would never knowingly exceed the amount available to me. In fact, as you can see, I have {ample funds in my savings account/immediately made a deposit/etc.}.

To add to the problem, I recently {personal loss or event resulted in less money and/or more confusion}. As you can imagine, given my financial situation, these overdraft fees pose an extreme hardship.

My account number is {number}. Thank you for considering forgiving these fees.



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