Hardship Letter Examples

   Auto Mechanic Hardship Letter

Dear {Mechanic},

Oh my goodness! You are a genius! I knew you were the person who could tell me exactly what's wrong with my car. Thanks so much for checking it out. I probably looked a little dazed as I drove off; I hope that didn't make me seem unappreciative. The truth is, I was overwhelmed when I heard the scope of work that needs to be done to bring "Old Smoky" up to snuff.

The following is deeply embarrassing to me, which is why I'm writing rather than explaining in person. I have suffered {personal and financial setback}. As you might imagine, this has created an extreme hardship, especially when it comes to my wallet.

I can only spare {amount} right now. If you would allow me to pay in installments, that would be ideal. I could afford {amount} per {month/week}. Perhaps you could do the work a bit at a time? If I understand correctly, the brakes are the most urgent issue for safety reasons. Then perhaps you could tackle the oil leak in a month or so. Do you think it would be OK to put off the alternator until {time period}?

Please give me a call at {number} and let me know what works for you.

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