Hardship Letter Examples

   Auto Loan Deferral Request Pandemic

Dear {financial institution}:

Due to extreme hardship caused by the coronavirus pandemic, I must request a deferral of my auto loan under the program your institution has announced.

My account number is {number}.

I have experienced {job loss/income decline} that won't be resolved until {a particular time/undetermined time}. I need all available funds for shelter, utilities, and food.

I will need this deferral to be in effect for the full allowed {time period}. I understand that interest will {accrue/not accrue} and that a lump sum payment {will/will not} apply. Per your stated policy, please do not charge late fees or report payments as late to any credit bureaus.

Above all, please do not repossess my vehicle, as I need it for {work/job search}.


{Sender Name}

Enclosures: {items}

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