Hardship Letter Examples

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{Your Name}
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Dear {Mr./Ms. Teachername},

My name is {Name} and I am a student in your {Course Name} class. On {date}, I received a {grade} on my {name} test. I would like to request a reevaluation, as I believe that I deserve a {grade} instead.

If you look at the attached test, you can see that I received a {point value} deduction on question {question number} for {reason}. However, according to {the notes/the book/the lecture}, {reason why you should get a higher grade}. I have checked my answer with the class material, and it doesn't contradict any of the information we've been taught.

I feel strongly that I have taken good notes, studied hard, and learned the material correctly. This test is evidence that I have applied my knowledge in ways that align with the course, and I believe I deserve a grade that accurately reflects that.

Thank you for your consideration. I take my education very seriously and I am happy to meet with you and discuss the test during your office hours.

Thank you,

{Sender Name}

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