Hardship Letter Examples

   Appeal Letter Death Benefits Scope Of Coverage

Dear {Life Insurance Company}:

I am writing to appeal your company's recent denial of death benefits due to the stated reason that the death of my {spouse/parent/etc.} {Name} falls outside of the scope of coverage.

While I understand that the policy excludes death due to {suicide/death during commission of a felony/death during dangerous pastime/etc.}, the fact is that {Name}'s demise did not take place under any of these conditions.

I've attached several supporting documents, including {coroner's report/police report/etc.}. I am confident that upon review you will find that {the exclusionary period has passed/the death did not occur under the perceived conditions}.

Please contact me if there is further information that I can provide that will aid in expediting payout of this claim. Beyond our obvious grief, we are also struggling financially. Not having the money that {Name} expected would protect us upon their demise has resulted in an extreme hardship.

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