Hardship Letter Examples

   Academic Probation Appeal Letter

{Phone #}


Dear {Dean of Students/Academics Appeals Board}:

I wish to appeal my placement on academic probation. Besides this letter of explanation, I've filled out the university's Academic Probation Application form.

No one is more disappointed in me than I am in myself. I have always placed education as my highest priority. As evidenced in my attached {high school transcripts/grades from first quarter}, I have never before fallen behind in my studies.

Unfortunately, this semester brought with it events that made it very difficult for me to focus on coursework. {My sibling died/I was in an abusive relationship/I was diagnosed with clinical depression/I ran out of money and became homeless}.

I could not have anticipated these extenuating circumstances. Regardless, I take full responsibility for falling behind in GPA requirements. I still attended classes regularly but lacked the focus to complete {papers/projects} in {number} of my classes. By the time I sought help, assignment deadlines had already passed. The situation has now been resolved, as I have {begun seeing a therapist/cut ties with a toxic person/secured funding/found a tutor}. I am confident that I now have the tools I need to have a much different experience moving forward.

I am open to any Academic Success Plan the university would suggest.

At a minimum I pledge:

If it is determined that I must remain on academic probation, I still vow to do all I can to raise my grades and avoid academic disqualification. Thank you very much for considering my appeal.


{Sender Name}

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