Hardship Letter Examples

   AP Exam Fee Waiver

{Your Name}
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Dear {AP coordinator},

I am writing to request a fee waiver or reduction in fees for this spring's AP exams.

I have taken {number} AP classes during my junior and senior year. My grades have always been high and I'm confident I could pass the exams for {list exam subjects}.

I'd managed to save up {amount} in recent months via {method}, but then my family {describe financial emergency} and I was back to square one. As I'm sure the school is aware, my family falls below the poverty level as measured by {measurement}.

Scoring well on these tests, for which I am well-prepared, would save hundreds of dollars in course fees in college and allow me to matriculate sooner. I am strongly motivated, and will study hard for these tests. I have already marked the testing dates in my planner; this is very important to me.

If a waiver cannot be offered, I'd like to propose a payment plan. I can put $5 per week toward the fees, or $10 if I cut back on food.

Thank you for your consideration,

{Sender Name}

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