Hardship Letter Examples

   403b Hardship Withdrawal

Dear {investment entity}:

I am writing to affirm that I wish to take a hardship withdrawal from my 403(b) account, plan number {number}, in the amount of {amount}.

Attached please find the required Hardship Withdrawal Request Form.

I meet the qualifications for a one-time distribution for hardship reasons, and I can provide further documentation if needed. As noted on the attached form, I am {purchasing a home/avoiding foreclosure/repairing my residence/paying tuition/funding a funeral/paying medical expenses/etc.}.

I understand there may be tax consequences to this withdrawal. I {do/do not} wish to have state or federal taxes withheld from the distribution amount.

Thank you for processing my withdrawal in a timely manner. Please deliver the funds via {EFT/check}.



Attachment: Hardship Withdrawal Request Form

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